Vive La Creme -- time for one of my very occasional product endorsements. I'm eating a vanilla La Creme yogurt from Dannon, and it is that rare product which truly lives up to its packaging: "Incredibly creamy and mild yogurt." The stuff is sinfully good -- creamy, flavorful, it's like eating creme fraiche...actually, it may be creme fraiche, seeing as how it doesn't even pretend to be low-fat. Well, no, it's still yogurt, and it's not quite as rich as Brown Cow "Cream Top" yogurt, which tastes like melted ice cream and has a tasty rind of "yogurt cream" at the top. So there -- go out an enjoy some relatively austere yet luxury yogurt. If that's not a sign of our culinarily masochistic times, I don't know what is.

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Michelle said...

I am a big fan of Stonyfield Farm's French Vanilla full fat yogurt. Also, their strawberry cheescake flavor is to die for !