I promised to make it Fun For Kim Day here at TAI -- I've gotten some negative feedback of the "not enough fun, silly links!" variety of late, so here goes, knock yourself out:

* Behold, a sofa made of mousepads!

* Yum yum yum, let's eat Hello Kitty for lunch...well, not really, it's too cute to eat.

* Feeling a little cash-poor? Get yourself some Noney.

* Play Twister in bed -- and/or, buy lots of goofy gag gifts for the lad in your life at this site.

* Feeling a little artistic/hungry/homesick for the Midwest? Browse through a gallery of crop art. If you're just hungry, try the gallery of jellybean art instead. If you're famished and about to run to the vending machine, try identifying these candy bars by their cross-section...mmmm, cross-section.

* When you're ready to space out at your monitor for a while (or possibly the rest of the day), click on over to the Virtual Kaleidoscope.

* For some truly useless trivia, contemplate this list of names that are also verbs. Woah.

* And for a surrealist finish, read the Daily Peeg over at Rum and Monkey, and top it off by taking their Peeg Test. Turns out I am a Bliss Peeg, who knew?

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