It's time for Weekend Update: Well, the biggest (or smallest) news is the arrival of Hollywood baby Aden Schwartz on Friday morning! Congratulations to Mom Claudia and Dad Marky, who should be headed home tomorrow, happy and healthy. The grandmas are flying in, one from the Southern Hemisphere and one from the Southern U.S., so it should be an interesting couple of weeks Chez Schwartz. Enjoy! :D

In other news, Nat and I saw "Shrek 2" on Friday night -- I gave it about a 7, from him, only a 3. It definitely had some sequel problems (like, there's nothing for Donkey, aka Eddie Murphy, to do), but I thought the new characters were great, especially Jennifer Saunders as the scheming Fairy Godmother. The anachronistic, pop culture references sprinkled throughout made it truly hilarious -- though the basic message remains the same, "Real beauty is more than skin deep," or something like that.

Yesterday I visited the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, NH with Celia and Tori, the world's youngest art critic. The museum is "snack size," as Celia noted, so we were able to see the whole thing in a short time, then we headed over to Down 'N Dirty BBQ, a hole in the wall joint that came highly recommended. We feasted on hickory smoked meats, mmmmmm. And there was yet more meat later on, thanks to Nat's skill with the broiler, and the good people who make Stubb's marinade, it's...the...best. We had a mini-80s film fest with "The Goonies," which admittedly looks a lot better on a huge TV than on the drive-in theater screen I saw it on in 1985.

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