What's that in the air? Is it the rich, loamy scent of Catholic irony? -- 'Tis! Looks like the Archdiocese of Boston is back on track, now that it's shutting down all adoption services to avoid the errant gay parent. Sorry, unwanted foster children, looks like Jesus was more concerned about eating corned beef on a Lenten Friday than about us caring for the least of his people. Now that those pesky non-discrimination laws have been overcome, the Diocese turns its attention to the truly pressing needs of its flock: a special dispensation so people can celebrate St. Patrick's Day with corned beef, even though it's on Friday this year. Whew! I'm sure we'll see lots of sober, sensible celebrations around town, as all the conservatives who backed the Church cop-out on adoption give thanks for being on the right side of canon law once again. Right. Just so we're clear -- the Church has no problem bending the rules for pederasts and carnivores, but upstanding gay citizens who want to provide a caring home for special needs kids? No luck. WWJD, indeed.

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