For some reason, today has been a day of weird, slightly gross Sightings:

* On 95 North at the Rt. 3 interchange, I passed a dually truck pulling a very large, long mesh trailer behind it, the kind that landscapers use to pull their equipment on. This one had been loaded up with something, maybe mulch, and covered with a big black tarp. Emblazoned across the tailgate: MAXI DUMP. Ugh!

* As I'm sipping my Prince of Wales tea at my desk, I turn around to look outside and check the progress of the predicted snowfall -- I am like the weathergirl in my office for the cubedwellers on the "dark side" of the wall, ha ha. What immediately trundles slowly into my view? A big red tanker truck with SANITARY PUMPING on the side in scrolly yellow letters. Mmmm!

* Our office recently installed a second microwave in the cubicle area, after months of grousing. This is pathetic because downstairs in our fully stocked cafeteria there are 3 more, but some people just can't break away for long enough to go down there, or have such social phobia that they would rather starve than stand around the caf twiddling their thumbs for a few minutes while their Lean Cuisine heats up. Whatever. This new micro is on a table between our two lovely new fridges, next to the vending machines and the restrooms. So it is a high traffic area, whereas the old micro is in a tucked-away vestibule near a large conference room. For some reason, the machine has been set in Spanish mode, so the keypad reads "100% Potencia" while it is running, and at the end a little pixillated chef, in whites and toque, appears above the word "DISFRUTE!" Okay, will do.

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