Summer Shack Stub -- Just a note about the unusual dinner shared by me, my sisters, and my mom on Saturday night, the culmination of Ladies Weekend 2006 (before we got to the Flower Show, anyway). My sister Rebecca was lobbying for dinner at the Summer Shack from the get-go, and while she and I did have a great meal there in the past, I'm still sort of opposed to the place on principle, and that principle is thrift. Yes, the food is delicious, simple, and beloved (the place is always packed), but isn't it sort of wrong to pay $5 for corn on the cob to eat alongside your unadorned $19 grilled fish entree? Hmmm. Well, I may stop holding that against them, because not only did we eat very well (mmmm, spinach salad with beets, blood orange, and sweet fried shrimps), we spotted some local celebs over our cornbread basket too. First, I thought the two women at the next table looked sort of familiar, though quite ordinary. In fact, they were Julie and Hillary Goodridge, plaintiffs in the Massachusetts gay marriage case, along with their young daughter and a friend. Cool! Then Rebecca goes, "That guy in the kitchen, is that Jasper White?" Indeed, the head chef himself was in there, plating up food and expertly prepping boiled lobsters with a big knife, a la Iron Chef. What gave him away, aside from his commanding manner? Yes, the subtle "J.W." on his white coat. :)

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