Pointlessly Raunchy Roadside Sightings -- beware!

* Driving along Garden Street in Harvard Square, I spot a gigantic decal across the back of a parked, beat-up white Taurus. At 5 or 6 inches wide, spanning the top of the rear window, it reads: "100% LOVER IN" and then there's a drawing of two copulating toads. Not a photograph, and not a silly cartoon a la the peeing Calvin. Just two dull, businesslike green toads. So, so disturbing.

* Behind another white sedan in Burlington, I see it's festooned with goofy slogans like "Hang Up And Drive!" and the like. But front and center on the trunk lid is a large red, black and white sticker emblazoned: "I (HEART) INTERCOURSE PA". Har de har har, Intercourse Pennsylvania, I get it! Note that the town is smack in the middle of Amish country and nobody thinks it's funny but 6th graders on class trips (take my word on that one).

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