In an effort to both catch up and share some hard-earned health advice, allow me to post some tips on the various maladies that have befallen yours truly in the past 7 days -- fun! If you get the stomach flu, I recommend Mott's Natural Style 100% apple juice. When you eat nothing but this, Eggo waffles and Stonyfield plain yogurt for 3 straight days, interesting things start to happen! Midway through your gastric journey, watch out for crippling headaches caused by caffeine withdrawal -- ouch, those daily cups of tea and precious Diet Coke will be missed. Once the bottom system returns to normal, watch out for infection in the ears, nose, and throat. If you lose your voice, try soothing tea with honey, ice cream, and good old Nyquil to end the torment and get to sleep. Just look on the bright side -- it could be worse, right?

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