"I don't care what shoes you're wearing, you're still Puerto Rican!" -- Well, OK then. Non sequiturs aplenty at Overheard in New York. I think my Boston version of this would divide neatly into these categories:

1. Collegiate Foolery: "Darren, wait up! WAIT UP! Ohmygod, you guys, WAIT UP FOR ME! Ohmygod, I am so out of it right now!" -- Weekend night shouts outside my off-campus bedroom window
2. Townies: "That was the weeahdest movie I've evah seen." -- Disappointed Bill Murray fan after opening night showing of Rushmore in Woburn, MA
3. Yuppie Hell: "Uh, she'll have a cosmopolitan and I'll have an Amstel Light." -- Generic bar patron couple, Watertown, MA
4. Sox and the City: "Hey, it's Johnny Damon! Nice wig!" -- Passerby commenting on Nat's semi-costume for the Red Sox Victory Parade
5. Bad Parenting: "Well OK, I guess we can get a slice of pizza now, but what about the salmon I bought for dinner? Won't you eat the salmon with me?" -- Mom pleading with her manipulative 12 year old son in checkout line, Burlington, MA

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