Despite my ongoing effort to avoid dwelling on the torrent of bad news spilling from every media outlet these days, some stories shouldn't pass without comment. Here at TAI, we're committed to bringing you the pithiest, most succinct and most cynical encapsulations possible. Enjoy:

1. WMD'oh! Oh, you mean we were right all along? Whee. I expect sincere apologies from all those people who gave me the finger while I protested for peace...any minute now...

2. In this ridiculously litigious age, why why WHY were people still allowed to live on this hillside?

3. Am I the only one who thought Prince Harry's costume was...well...sort of funny? Offensive too, but hello, the theme of the party wasn't exactly P.C. either.

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Anonymous said...

You know, the whole Prince Harry thing is ridiculous. Like no one has done anything stupid and tasteless when they were 20 going to a party with their friends ? Come on, the kid is 20 and it the costume choice reflects the judegement (albeit poor) of a 20 year old.