One Word Ticket Stub -- On Friday night, I accompanied Nat to his second viewing (in the same theater, after eating dinner at the same restaurant while the Red Sox were again playing the Yankees) of the ludicrously awesome Brit-cop comedy HOT FUZZ. Making up for our foolish failure to see Shaun of the Dead on the big screen, we were pleasantly doubled over at the nonstop onslaught of quippery, explosions, and homages to American action classics. The entire A+ experience can be summed up thusly: "SWAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!"


margalit said...

Boy G is DYING to see this and I've promised him I'd take him this weekend. I think he's now vying for Friday afternoon...which kinda constitutes the weekend, right?

I'm not a huge Shaun fan (mostly because I hate horror movies and never see them so I didn't get half of it) but I think I'll like HOt Fuzz a lot more.

emily said...

It was great -- not quite a "send up" of action movies, more of a witty commentary on them, very British but with an American twist. I think you'll like it! BUT beware there are a few grossout scenes (it is a murder mystery, after all), you will see them coming so just shut your eyes! :)