For a chiffon-wisp of a movie, we have a whisper of a TicketStub:

* Blades of Glory -- Rounding out Will Ferrell's Anchorman/Talladega "trilogy of humbled arrogance" is this gentler, sillier comedy on ice. Without the raunch factor of the first two, this movie made us feel a little old for it, which was enhanced by the 95% teenage audience. But come on, two dudes in sequined Lycra? Comedy gold! Cleverer than it deserved to be, yet deftly skirting homophobia in favor of timeless nut gags, it's an 85-minute prescription for the end of a long workweek. Then again, I'd pay to watch Will Ferrell reading the phone book. (B)

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Nathaniel said...

"Ackerman, J; 555-9875.
Adams, B; 587-2417.
Allen, S; 741-8545.
Bacon, L; 854-8974.
Ball, L; 521-3455.
Bellisario, E; 341-8478.
Chan, A; 335-2541.
Chase, W; 547-8874...