"Conservative credentials rose, while prior experience in civil rights law and the average ranking of the law school attended by the applicant dropped." -- Just substitute "government" for "civil rights law" and cross out the word "law" from "law school," and you've described President "C Average" and his whole cadre of monumentally mediocre flunkies. This Globe article on the politicization of the Justice Dept. -- that is, how the doors were flung wide by the Bushies to conservadrones from the nation's weakest law school, the one where they talk about "sin" in ConLaw class -- makes the J.D. in me burn with irritation. It's Delay and Abramoff and Brownie all over again -- all this administration cares about is loyalty, not competence. Nobody's driving the bus, folks.

UPDATE: Bill Maher provides the zinger of the year with his take on this whole mess -- "It's not just that this president has surrounded himself with a Texas echo chamber of war criminals and religious fanatics. It's that they're sooooo mediocre. This is America. We should be getting robbed and fucked over by the best." Hear hear!

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