WooHoo, Governor Patrick! -- Landslide by 19% is sweet, indeed. I quote Kang: "The politics of failure have failed. We need to make them work again!" Read Andrew O'Hehir's bemusement at watching FoxNews last night for some perspective on the blue wave of victory: "Absolutely everyone has finally grasped that the president is an idiot." And not just him, Rumsfeld too! Man, what's next? Condi Rice brokers a peace deal in Sudan? Dick Cheney shoots somebody else in the face? Whew, I feel dizzy.


Nathaniel said...

Make that a 21% landslide:
Healey: 776,069 and Patrick 1,223,253
35% to 56%!

margalit said...

Doncha just feel like you've won the lottery or something. Blue, blue and more blue. It's like a MIRACLE. A Christmas Miracle. :-)

I was watching Bush today when he made the Nancy Pelosi interior decorator remark and I swear I spit liquid halfway across the room. I mean, is that man SO FRIGGING STUPID that he doesn't get that he's a sexist pig?