It's been too, too, too long since we had any Roadside Sightings around here:

1. In the space of one week, the following: a truck emblazoned "MR. WHEELCHAIR," a portable toilet labeled "MR. CESSPOOL," and a pickup with the logo "MR. VOLTS ELECTRICAL, 1-800-MRVOLTS."

2. Driving behind a red CR-V, I notice something that looks like a big rust spot next to the rear-mounted spare tire. Upon closer inspection, I see that it's a large red and black sticker, in the shape of....what? An island nation, apparently, but which one? The Phillippines? Fiji? Key West? Unclear.

3. Things which have caused me to swerve/pause by appearing suddenly in the road lately: large crushed cardboard box, large crushed skunk, freewheeling empty garbage can, senior-piloted Corolla, swags of red tinsel garland, trick-or-treaters, poorly patched post-construction trench on Highland Avenue, freshly patched post-construction trench on Highland Avenue (woohoo!).

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