Today's Election Day, so we have some Campaign Trailside Sightings: I was standing in front of Arlington Town Hall on Mass Ave from 7-9am, holding two Deval Patrick signs, and I got:

1. Many waves, honks, and thumbs-up, from MBTA bus drivers, truck drivers, landscape pickups, minivans, a few Mercedes, and of course all the Priuses and people biking to work.

2. No negative looks or salutes, but a few frozen stares from guys in shirts and ties. Odd.

3. Greetings from a Portuguese Water Dog named Molly, whose human told her, "Tell this nice lady that you're a Deval Patrick dog!"

4. Really quite cold.

5. Alerted by a young woman with Down syndrome, "I'm voting for those two this afternoon!" as she pointed to my sign and walked by.

6. To vote at 9:05 am, and things were hopping in the voting room...until the ballot scanner stopped working, and the election cop was summoned, but then it started working again, etc etc. Maybe it's the Sharpies we filled in the ballot with? I say, back to #2 pencil and some Iraqi-style purple ink next time!

If you haven't yet, VOTE already! Looking forward to a night of solemn, respectful election coverage...

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