Lisa Simpson is super cool, but then again, she's fictional -- CNET proffers a list of the Top 10 Girl Geeks...well, I guess they're female geeks, since only one isn't yet a woman and one is more of a stick insect. I'm all for celebrating Madame Curie, but how about updating this rather anemic list with some current go-getting, tech-savvy gals? For example:

* Meg Hourihan -- godmother of Blogger (and fellow Jumbo) who's now into food
* Helen Greiner -- founder of iRobot, who gave us the Roomba
* Meg Whitman -- queen of successful branding and thus, CEO of eBay
* Victoria Hale -- founder of the world's first nonprofit pharmaceutical company and reciepient of a 2006 MacArthur Foundation "genius" grant
* ...and no Girl Geek list would be truly complete without our overachieving, football-loving, classical-piano-playing, somewhat deluded but nonetheless brainy and dedicated Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice.

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Nathaniel said...

What, no love for the woman in the Pandemonium Books TV commercial?