KA-POW!!! -- Let us all bow down before Big Papi, who delivered his gazillionth (OK, ninth) walkoff home run for the Sox last night in dramatic, Cleveland-whomping fashion. As Dan Shaughessy puts it in today's Globe: "Ortiz has turned major league baseball into Wiffle ball games you'd play with makeshift rules regarding rooftops, clotheslines, and summer winds." Wooohoooo!

UPDATE: Well, the smackdown from Olympus has begun -- not only is Jason Varitek on the DL for at least a month with a bum knee, but last night a little injured black bird hopped all over the infield, presaging some additional doom, perhaps? He's being nicknamed (I vote for Yawkey, calling him Larry is just...sad), should he survive -- and take it from me, I rescued a dying duck from my driveway once, those critters are tough. Take a lesson, Sox!

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