You know I love lists, and this Top 50 Movie Endings one hit the spot -- Say Anything, Big Night, Some Like It Hot and (duh) Casablanca were properly honored, IMHO. I loved Boogie Nights but it has about 6 endings in a row, and I like the one with Burt Reynolds puttering around the house the best, not the Dirk's Unit Revealed one. The Usual Suspects is good, but there are other snappy switcheroo-heists done nearly as well: Nine Queens especially, but also Layer Cake, even The Italian Job. I'd swap out one of the golden oldie 70's classics for Master & Commander, too: "He died of fever weeks ago...ah."

In the spirit, here are my picks for Top Five Lamest Endings, a tough choice to make, there are so many semifinalists. I tried to pick movies that were otherwise redeemable, too, thus getting George Lucas off the hook:

5. Contact -- I really liked this movie but still felt a little WTF when David Morse's head blurred into view.
4. Smilla's Sense of Snow -- Not only is this generally one of the worst novel adaptations ever filmed, they managed to blow the amazingly suspenseful and ambiguous ending of the book ["There will be no resolution."] by chopping it off entirely. Crap casting, fx, sound and film editing didn't help either.
3. Natural Born Killers -- As if you needed more convincing that Stone had completely lost it, and you didn't care, that giant rabbit hops into frame.
2. The Abyss -- Like Spielberg, James Cameron's films usually go on 10 minutes too long. Here, those 10 minutes turn a thrilling, grubby actioner into a candy-coated disco neon lame-fest faster than you can cry, "Nooooooo!"
1. Four Weddings and a Funeral -- All right-thinking people wanted that final lightning bolt to strike Andie "The Robot" MacDowell dead on the spot.

I'll also give a Last Minute Reprieve Award to Shrek, My Best Friend's Wedding, Proof Of Life, Collateral, and American Beauty for an ending that somehow manages to save the picture from running aground altogether. And since I'm feeling generous, Ferris Bueller gets the Cherry On Top Prize for his turbaned "Go home! Go!" appearance post-credits.

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Nathaniel said...

More Good Endings:
Good Will Hunting (Will leaves without saying goodbye, just heads west)
To Die For (Illeana Douglas ice-skating)
The Third Man (Holly watches Harry's girl walk into the distance)
The Truman Show ("Good afternoon, good evening, and good night.")
The Matrix (Neo makes a phone call, then flies away)