Here's something I've been thinking of doing for a long while -- sometimes it seems like strange trends emerge in the blogosphere, like a whole string of posts in a row, as I hop from blog to blog, share a certain something. This week has been full of highs and lows among my favorites -- check it out:

* The Barmaid Blog -- The ex turns up at work: "This is a three-years-later booty call?"

* Orangette -- Preparing a perfect pickle: "A little green sidecar, if you will, or the dinghy that floats obediently alongside the ship."

* David Lebovitz -- August in Paris: "I ran over a not-quite-yet-dead pigeon by accident with my shopping cart."

* Suburban Bliss -- Gettin' crafty with it: "Spread the prongs and you're ready for a game of Uno. Or strip poker."

* Fussy -- The imperfect childhood brownie: "That's how much we ate before I threw them in the garbage."

* WaiterRant -- Brush with greatness! "Actually I thought Mr. Crowe looks smaller in person than he does on screen. But what do I know?"

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