Things Said, Done, or Seen in the last 23 Days:

1. "Hey, don't touch my groin ice."
2. Approximately 33 bobbypins pulled from my own hairdo.
3. Making pasta at 1:20 am, T-minus 12 hours, 40 minutes before chapel must be gotten to on time.
4. Wedding guests wrapping napkins around their heads, babushka/homie style.
5. "Honey, turn the air conditioner back on, I can hear the cabbies."
6. Opening night Tanglewood fireworks out our hotel bathroom window.
7. Second night Tanglewood lawn illuminated by waxing moon and Liberace candelabra.
8. "Oh my god, THAT's the BOAT?!?!"
9. People waiting in line for sliced fruit while licking cupcake icing from cupcakes.
10. Chocolate-covered Swedish fish (not consumed; sorry, I'm a purist).
11. "Is this the French King Bridge or the French Lick Bridge?"
12. Dragon Fries -- neither dragon nor fries. Discuss.
13. My Restoration Hardware deco-porn fantasty bathroom come to life.
14. A very, very, very slow-moving midway.
15. "I'm just shoving it through the buttonhole."
16. Home-made sausage (unrelated to Nos. 15, 12, and 5).
17. "Get ready for the cannon!" and also "Oh man, look at the cannon!" (Not same cannon.)
18. The nubbly Green Mountains of Vermont.
19. A tower of cardboard shipping boxes high enough to blot out the sun.
20. A ferociously happy, heavily drooling cat.
21. "What is this, the Pregnant Ladies' Bathroom Parade?"
22. Two large aluminum baking pans of leftover slices of bread, in the freezer.
23. "I do."


Nathaniel said...

I don't remember saying "I do". I remember saying "Let's rock this biotch!" a couple of times...

We won't tell who said what on this list...

> "Holy shiat, Cashmere Bouquet!"
> "Just take the picture already!"
> "I gave myself a back hickie!"
> "Just remember, you're the star."
> "I predict Amy will be sitting in the back row, aisle."
> "Did *you* bring the gift cards?"
> "I am the sweatiest person I have ever met..."
> "Holy shiat, I forgot the tickets!"
> "I just took a movie of my foot!"
> "That was the saddest packie I have ever been in."

emily said...

Oooh, don't forget this gem:

"It looks like you're taking a bath in Gatorade!" :)

Nathaniel said...

+ Took many pictures of Kathy holding tiny movie posters;
+ "Wow this bed is BIG!"
+ Drove to the Hotel Tria a few times;
+ "I ASKED for TWO percent (milk)!"
+ Hugged 149 people, half of whom were named Joanne or Kathy;
+ Ate half a chocolate-covered graham cracker;
+ "Is that supposed to be Diet Coke?"
+ "You mean 'Bad Tar Superman'?"

Nathaniel said...

Ate at the following restaurants:
June 28: Not Your Average Joe's
June 30: Grafton Street
July 1: Town Diner
July 5: A diner near No. Adams
July 6: Wendy's (99c each); Mahoney's Pub, Manchester, VT
July 7: Vy. good pizzeria, Lenox, MA; Jack's Grill, Housatonic, MA
July 8: The Lion's Den, Stockbridge, MA
July 9: Good + fast breakfast place, Lenox, MA
July 10: Tha Cheesecake Factory
July 13: Chili's

Michelle said...

This was my favorite...
"What other couple grows their own grass ?"

Nathaniel said...

Several people tried my hat on, including my father, who looked perfect in it, and all the women who tried it looked adorable.

Of all the comments I received about my hat, here are the gems:

"You look like one of those bad-ass G-men in the movies!"
"Sort of a 'Great Gatsby' thing?"

Joanne D from old Elizabethtown said...

It was a gas!
Thanks for the memories...