"Too many Hollywood movies these days, they say, just are not good enough." -- Earth to Tinseltown: DUHHH! A NYTimes reporter is present for the dawning of reality among the studio heads. Check out the last few lines, where the Universal chief admits some of his summer movies "should never have been made." No kidding, dude. As NKW would say, it's like no human was involved in making this junk, it just gets extruded from a tube. Take a lesson from the audience favorites this summer: smaller is better, and just plain BETTER is better.

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Nathaniel said...

It's articles like this that make me not miss going to the video store. I am not missing any good Hollywood movies on DVD, and there won't be any good Hollywood movies on DVD anytime soon!

Despite the awful commercials and cell phones (and the content onscreen), you have to admit that theatrical sound and picture has never been better (Woburn excepted ;-)

If I were Omnipotent All-Being Lord Of Hollywood, here would be my first fiats:

1>If you need to spend more on marketing than production, then don't make the movie.

2>Spread your slate across all 12 months of the year. Money earned in March, April, and August is just as good as money earned in December, May, June, and July.

3>Stars are a crutch.

4>All the TV shows and movies worth remaking have been done already. Did anyone really miss SWAT or Bewitched?

5>Going to the movies is supposed to be superior to television. Get rid of all non movie-related commercials before the movie.

6>Install cell phone scramblers to silence cell phones.