"There's no reason why, if there's 'Wedding Crashers' for boys, there can't be something really funny yet intelligent for women, that has something to say for women." -- So true, Gwyneth, so true...but is that "something" a short-film collection sponsored by Glamour magazine? Yes, the project has a great collection of women in the entertainment biz, but, in the words of Jerry Seinfeld, "Glamour?!?" Gwyneth is directing a short called "Dealbreakers" about bad first dates, of which I'm sure she's had many. She's also portrayed an impressive range of female heroines onscreen, from the spoiled Emma Woodhouse to the star-crossed transvestite Viola DeLesseps. We'll leave the trailer-trash stewardess and karaoke star roles alone.

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Nathaniel said...

Gwyneth is looking for funny, intelligent movies for women? Isn't this the star of Shallow Hal and View From The Top?