It's time for a roundup of Random Sightings & Observations -- everybody's favorite!

1. In the back window of a Silver Passat wagon in the Bedford Library parking lot, I saw a lavender "baby on board"-type sign, except this one read "HONK IF YOU SCRAPBOOK!" It was expertly handmade, i.e. laser printed and laminated, I presume, by the driver.

2. On a beat-up Nissan Sentra in the parking lot of Not Your Average Joe's, Arlington, the following bumper sticker: "I Still Miss My Ex, But My Aim Is Improving." Not sure which is more disturbing: the possibility that a man drives this car, or the fact that I assumed a woman did.

3. A little brown and yellow bird flew in front of my car in Belmont. The feathers were so bright I almost clunked into the car in front of me, trying to get a better look. It might be one of these?

4. On last night's much ballyhooed Red Sox edition of Queer Eye, almighty catcher and captain Jason Varitek was referred to, so very rightly, as "Quadzilla." Yes!

5. Nat's friends Meg & Adam welcomed their son Jacob to the world on Monday afternoon -- congratulations! Not only for delivering a healthy 10+ pounder, but for going classic with his name. According to the internet, Jacob has been a Top 5 popular name for over a decade, but that doesn't diminish its Old Testament solidity. He joins an eclectic list of my friends in the Under 5 set: Lucinda, Torrance, Spencer, Cooper, Andres & Alejandro (soon to be joined by Tomas), Aden, Isaac, Hadley, Samantha & Olivia, Romeo, Rebecca, Grant, Anna, Richard (known as Trey), and of course my future nephews-in-law (ahem) Pocket and Bastian. Yes, really.


Kimpossible said...

And further more, why do you now presume it was driven by a man OR woman? Did you see the driver?

emily said...

Didn't see anyone, it was parked. No other stickers, and it was a pretty anonymous car -- i.e. no junk hanging from the mirror, etc., that might give another gender clue. My instinct was, "Oh, a bitter divorcee drives this car," but then it occurred to me that a) if it were a bitter divorced *man* the sticker would be appalling, and b) it was still pretty appalling if a *woman* was taking potshots at her ex.