Boston: the discomfort zone? -- Globe profile of Tiffany Dufu, a bright young professional who recently moved from Seattle to Boston with her husband, who's getting his MBA from MIT. Sounds like a typical post-grad couple in this town -- except that they're black, and she has some reservations about starting a family here, where racial animus, class consciousness, and good old provincialism lurk just under the cobblestones. Or do they? Yes, sometimes they do. The lack of diversity in this town (not including transient college and grad students) is something I think about quite a bit, and it frustrates me no end that I really have no solution, except that Tiffany and a thousand more families like hers need to stay here, move into the burbs, send their kids to public school, etc. for any change to take place. Tall order.


erica said...

This idea had long puzzled me, until, years after college, I learned that I hail from what is thought by many to be the most culturally diverse town in Massachusetts. There are efforts to bring this richness to the rest of the Boston area by more than just real estate brokers... check out The diversity initiative

Reginleif said...

Tiffany Dufu sounds like a whiner to me. She "readily admits" that she hasn't seen any overt discrimination...but she's bitching about things like there not being "enough" interracial couples? Gee, maybe Mayor Menino should get a law passed establishing quotas or something!

But then Tiff gets her knickers in a twist when a cow-irker says, "Oh, I just love bald black men." Gee, Tiffy, I thought that there weren't enough white folks with "jungle fever" for your taste?

Oh, wait, here's the answer: She was trained in a job that "sought to do battle against all the 'isms'." Seek and ye shall find.

Yet another Globe piece designed to provide flagellation for Guilty White Liberals who woke up that morning feeling too gosh-darn good about themselves (not as though they should). Nothing to see here, folks, move along.