For you locals, here's the latest bulletin for the "Only In Somerville" file -- during the city's Memorial Day parade, the staff of upstart online rag The Somerville News played a sly joke on city politicos. Earlier in May, a city employee named Frankie Santangelo was reprimanded for illegally using city property to store his boat. The News parade float was a boat, the Miss Somerville, outfitted with a sign: "This is not Frankie's boat." Har har. Until Mayor Joe "No Snow" Curtatone got wind of it, and sent a motorcycle cop to make them take it down. Talk about prior restraint of the press!

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Marcelo Daniel said...

I had read this story in the Somerville News but was completely confused as to A) who Frankie is, and B)why Curtatone would order a police officer to take a seemingly innocent sign down. The Somerville News story did not elaborate on those details for some reason. So, thank you for this post! Now I understand.
In the latest news, watch out for more unwanted publicity for our mayor, as he first banned a pro-Palestinian group from this weekend's Art Beat festival (surely nothing to do with the all-expenses-paid trip the mayor made recently to Israel), and then today, so that he can say he was not singling out one group, he banned at the last minute ALL political groups from tabling at the festival, even though they've all paid their fees to participate.