Ticket Stub: Last week's Ladies Movie Night choice was a delightful blend of story, music, dance, and enough goofy lightheartedness to melt the leftover winter chill in the air. Gurinder Chadha's Bride & Prejudice is a Bollywood musical wrapped around the classic Jane Austen story of "spunky heroine discovers insufferable snob to actually be love of her life;" see also Bridget Jones, of course. In this version, the four "Bennett" sisters are unmarried in an Indian country town and their gold-digging mother's desperate to match them up. Suitors (including the luscious Naveen Andrews) come and go, and the story spins from India to London to L.A. and back again. The lovely Aishwarya Rai manages to be bright yet earthy, even as the musical numbers swoop around her -- and what great numbers they are, with frenetic dancing, elephants, moonlight, gauzy costumes, surfers, a gospel choir, you name it. It's all in English, which actually seems weird because the whole approach is classic Bollywood, and I think I might enjoy the dubbed-in-Hindi version even more. You have to be in the mood, but if you are, it's a gem. (B)

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