SpongeBob's NYC Thanksgiving Massacre! Posted by Hello Well, not really...but he did appear in the Macy's Parade, as this precarious shot shows. I also made an appearance in the tri-state area, but not along the parade route -- just at the dinner table, mmmmm. This year's Parade of Pies at my parents' house was overwhelming: pumpkin, pecan, chocolate, cherry, multi-berry, plus carrot cake or baklava, all topped off with Fat Free or Vanilla (!) Cool Whip. Oy. Actually, we did more damage at Friday's leftover dinner than on the actual day, just before driving deep into the 'burbs to see Arlo Guthrie. Nat and I managed to save room for a trip to Katz's Deli for Saturday lunch with Michelle, and then a winding, scenic, garlic-filled (I ate too many deli pickles) drive back to Boston. Many thanks!

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I still dream about those blintzes while waking down the street. mmmmmm.