You know that line in Ferris Bueller's Day Off when Mr. Bueller is trying to convince a client at his business lunch to boost his ad budget: "Dave, if you wanna sell, you have to spend"? I can understand that, to a point. And I can understand that when companies grow, they incur expenses to create that growth. OK, sure. But my company just got a bill from our law firm for $1.5 million dollars in fees...for one month of working on an upcoming deal! They spent $35,000 on photocopying, in a month! How is it even possible to spend over a grand per day -- that's like 200 reams of paper, just on one of the many matters they handle for us. Not to mention the entries where a partner "reviews" a document or composes an email for 15 minutes, then charges $140 for it. I am getting out of this world next week, possibly for good, and I can't wait...this is just Wrong.

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