I've got the Hoboken Wishbone Blues -- or more precisely, the Do We Jettison The Aging Jetta Angst, since Nat's trusty red '99 konked out in our driveway yesterday, after a delightful weekend toting us and our bikes and camping gear all over Cape Cod. Sigh...why don't they make a "Big Expenditure Magic 8-Ball" to help with decisions like this? "It Is Decidedly The Right Time to Trade It In" would be helpful right about now. In the meantime, I'm having schadenfreude fun reading through the hundreds of car break-in stories accumulated in Dooce's comments...well, OK, not schadenfreude. Is there a German word for, "It could be a whole lot worse"? Hmmm...wait, is that instant karma?

UPDATE: After crunching the numbers this way and that, we are getting a Fit. Huzzah!

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Nathaniel said...

I'm selling the 1999 Jetta for the ultimate commuter car: a 2007 Honda Fit. I crunched the numbers, and my new Fit is 14.9" shorter, 2.1" narrower, and 326.6 lbs lighter than my old Jetta. Did I mention the 33-38 mpg gas mileage?
I will miss having a trunk, but I am going to have a privacy screen over the cargo area, to keep prying eyes out...