"The country is ready to pick someone who can run on the following platform: get out of Iraq (not leave 50,000 troops for 50 years), open the vertically integrated carbon-based energy industry to green entrepreneurship, reform the tax system by moving to tax consumption and not income, balance the budget, turn illegals into citizens and also close the border, give everyone high quality health care, pay teachers for performance not seniority only, give all workers wage insurance to mitigate globalization's impacts." -- Sounds good to me! Reed Hundt at TPMCafe suggests that Campaign'08 is wide open for the right independent candidate, since we're all fed up with both the incumbent GOP pResident and the 98-pound-weakling Dem Congress. Go for it, Bob W. Hargis!


Nathaniel said...

I would vote for a pro-choice, Jewish, Medford-ian independent candidate whose name rhymes with Floomberg?

Nathaniel said...

Obama may be black, and Hilary may be a woman, but Bloomberg would be the shortest president in a loooong time!