Oddball Mutant "Jesus Fish" Roadside Sightings of late:

1. On the Park Ave. offramp to Rt. 2 in Belmont, I pull up behind a gold Corolla with a silver "Gefilte" fish emblem. OK. But taped inside the back window (because apparently it's OK to glue the fish on permanently, but the vinyl stickers will ruin the paint?) is this missive: "MASSACHUSETTS: Live Free or [Die] Here" (the word "Die" is crossed out). Hmmm, is this the one example of the Mass. Jewish Libertarian demographic?

2. Driving on Melnea Cass Boulevard on Saturday morning, I pull alongside a grubby silver Subaru wagon with a boxspring strapped to the roof and a huge futon mattress wadded into the back of it, with the hatchback hanging open and hazard lights on, the works. At the wheel: a petite dreadlocked hippe gal (like part dreads, part braided multicolor ribbons) in a chunky sweater, chatting away with her passenger while trundling along. So far, a typical Boston scene. But on the back of the wagon, these elements: a silver "Darwin" fish, a Free Tibet sticker, AND a red/white/blue ribbon magnet. Reclaiming patriotism, or...?

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Nathaniel said...

Nice Sightings, honey. I saw a similarly outspoken tailgate on a Subaru yesterday, including:

RELIGION Stops A Thinking Brain
among others...