Tis the season for more Roadside Sightings:

1. Hard by the side of Columbia Road, next to the JFK T stop, there's a little niche to pull over and drop off passengers. Several signs indicate "LIVE PARKING ONLY." In a town with a zillion "No Stopping" signs, I guess they needed a way to subtly delineate that it's OK to sit in your parked car here...though not if you're dead.

2. Northbound on 95/128 this morning, a silver pickup truck with the following bumper sticker: "FISH ON!"

3. In the Bedford Whole Foods spice aisle, a mom is shopping with her loquacious 3ish year old son in the cart. As I peruse the sea salt selections, the kid is yammering away to himself in an "outdoor voice." Mom says, "Lower your voice, please. Now what does it say on our list that we need?" The kid says, "It says we need poo poo!" "No it doesn't," Mom says firmly. "Yes it does," he chortles, "we definitely need POO POO! Ah ha ha ha hahhahaaaaa!" He laughs and kicks his snow boots against the cart. I am standing right there and doing my best not to laugh or give the kid a hairy eyeball. The mom says, "That's enough!" and this is where it gets good: the boy replies, "Mommy, we should just move on!" She laughs and agrees, "Yes David [name changed to protect the mouth of babe], we need to just move on!" And off they go.

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