End of the year Roadside Sightings:

1. At the Mobil station on I-95 in Lexington, the following items: on top of the garbage can next to the gas pump, an empty gift pack of 4 Fruit of the Loom men's boxer briefs, in black; on a short white man heading back to his tow truck after getting coffee, a grey longsleeve t-shirt with "SNITCHES ARE A DYING BREED" across the back and "SUPPORT BOSTON" on the front; on top of the gas pump, a large, unwrapped, unlit scented candle.

2. Pulling off the Rt. 3 ramp into Bedford, a black Lexus comes up very fast behind me. As the guy swerves around to race past me to the red light, of course, I see he is holding a cup of coffee in his left hand and his cellphone to his ear with his right. Presumably his car is K.I.T.T.

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