Lamb shank or poussin? -- Praise Allah, I am lucky enough to be going to Blue Ginger, my gastronomic Valhalla, for the first time this week! It's Nat's parents' 40th wedding anniversary next Tuesday, and I will be selling my plasma to raise the necessary dough. Well, not really. But here's the crucial question -- what to order, at these prices, for a memorable experience? I'm sure everything is beautifully prepared, and I'm generally a good orderer, but I don't want to get stuck in some tea-smoked, mole-aoili corner for the night. Hmmmm...off to Chowhounds!

UPDATE: I had the poussin, and it was sublime -- though nearly outshined by Nat's scallops and the awesome warm ginger donut holes, mmmmm. The place is small and friendly, and the food is expertly prepared, though it doesn't show off. Expensive, yes, but not exhorbitant, for what you get in flavor. As Dee said, here's to arthropods in pepper sauce...

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