Whirlwind Weekend Update: my shamefully inconsistent blogging of late can be attributed to many things, but mostly to my trip to NJ and MD, where I found a long-distance fan (hi JD!) and had a variety of adventures. After a sluggish 6 hour drive (ugh), Nat and I checked into Durandville, and early the next morning headed off to the NewVernon VFD Auction, an annual tradition where I scored big in the housewares department. That afternoon we kicked back with the extended clan to celebrate Mom's birthday and the 2 engagements of 2006: much badminton and cake consumption. Sara hosted a Hoboken housewarming that night, in her incredible apartment, and we capped off the night at the Malibu Diner with Dan & Kim & cheesecake. A few hours later, and we drove off to Baltimore to see the Sox-Orioles game with the Atheys, who enjoy a competitive Scrabble round as much as we do, and about 20,000 other Sox fans: it hardly qualified as a home game for the O's. Monday's long trip back was smooth and delicious, with lunch at Katz's and dessert from Sugar Sweet Sunshine, my how hip we are.


Joanne Devine said...

Hi M,
I am looking at VOGUE MAGAZINE in a whole new way. Thanks for the vision. And as always it was great to see you.

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