Since we could all use some cheering up, I offer these recent Lunchtime Sightings:

1. At the Panera in Woburn, I see a preppy go-getter waiting for his order while yakking on his phone. Nothing new there -- except this guy is wearing a navy polo shirt, sunglasses, sandals, and truly amazing shorts. His were red with whales. I would laugh at his snooty fashion sense, but I can just laugh at his pants straight up. Best of all, a slightly batty Panera employee came up and started complimenting him on them: "Those are just darling!" Heh.

2. A silver Saab convertible with license plate "WASAABI." Must...kill...

3. At the Stop & Shop, my cashier was named "Maris." I know this poor woman's probably had to explain many times that she's not married to Niles Crane, but hey, I always thought the writers made that name up.

4. On the back of a Central Transport semi, a large sign reading "We support our troops whenever we go -- no comfort to the enemy, no way, no how!" With a big U.S. flag, of course. The hell? Did the Cowardly Lion write this for them?

5. Not exactly sighted at lunch, but Nat & I watched something called "The Very Best of the World's Worst Drivers: 2" last night. Hey, that's what TiVo is for, right? If it ever crosses your path, check it out for the drunken French bicyclist alone...hoo!

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