Dateline Bogalusa, La. -- another tiny bright spot in the dark aftermath of Hurrican Katrina, a WSJ profile of prison inmates helping out the relief effort. Wow.

And if you're ready to get het up about all this again, check out Harold Meyerson excoriating the "Stuff-Happens Presidency" which is "willing, apparently, to sacrifice any claim America may have to national greatness rather than inconvenience the rich by taxing them to build a more secure nation." Woah! For a bracing shot of righteous indignation instead, E.J. Graff waxes obvious: "That’s why we pay taxes: to fund all the boring and necessary amenities and protections that we call 'civilization.'" Yeah!

UPDATE: The font of angry journalism will not be plugged! Check out Frank Rich's latest pummeling of Bushie, "a self-styled C.E.O. with a consistent three-decade record of running private and public enterprises alike into a ditch." Ouch. Ditto Maureen Dowd, who twists the knife by comparing GWB unfavorably to his father, whose mistakes were supposed to be avoided, not surpassed. Yee-ouch.

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