I simultaneously loathe "Top 100 ___" lists, and can't stay away from them. Time Magazine has a new Top 100 All-Time Movies list, with sublists of Guilty Pleasures and Best Soundtracks. This being Time, of course, the Soundtracks list includes nothing made since 1980 (I think they really meant Best Score, zzzzzz), and the GP list is just weird (Joe vs. The Volcano, OK, but where are the actioners, spinoffs, and chick flicks?! Oh right, both critics are middle age white guys, zzzzzz). The big list itself hits some usual highlights, but only 22 of the 100 were made after 1980 and only about half of those are American films -- are they trying to send a subtle message to Tinseltown or what? If this were a film festival, nobody under 50 would attend 90% of the screenings -- just because a film is "important" doesn't mean it's any good, let alone entertaining or still relevant. They include decades-old fluff like The Shop Around The Corner and Meet Me In St. Louis, but eschew their better modern counterparts like When Harry Met Sally... and Moulin Rouge. And where is The Wizard of Oz?? Gaahh!

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