Beowulf = Jaws = Little Red Riding Hood -- or maybe not? Check out the (myth of?) the Seven Basic Plots, including "Quest," "Rags To Riches," and the all time Jungian favorite, "Overcoming The Monster." I personally like the configuration of 2 Basic Plots: the Hero leaves town, or the Stranger comes to town. Hijinks ensue!


Nathaniel said...

It's coincidental that you posted this today: it occurred to me on the way to work this morning that The Muppets Wizard of Oz is kinda redundant, because The Muppet Movie was essentially a retelling of the Oz story anyway. They're both Quest stories:

Kermit sings a song about rainbows;
Kermit persuades strangers to join his quest;
Doc Hopper = Wicked Witch;
Muppets must confront antagonist before quest can be fulfilled;
Great and powerful figure grants them their wishes.

emily said...

Dude, "Movin' Right Along" = "Ease On Down The Road" = "Follow The Yellow Brick Road," totally! :P