In honor of the Olde Towne Team, I'll take the liberty of composing a Red Sox Friday Five -- I'm sure Miss Kim won't mind!

Do you own an actual pair of red socks? Umm...nope. I think all my socks are black.

What about Red Sox merchandise? Pedro, Varitek, and Nomar (!) t-shirts, one of which is being worn by the scarecrow in my front yard. I also have a very cool lapel pin, and a Stephen King Red Sox/Lowell Spinners bobblehead doll.

What was your favorite part of Wednesday night? The red moon beaming down good luck vibes on Boston...plus Pedro dancing around with the trophy on his head and the DR flag in his hand!

What's your prediction for the Sox' 2004-2005 season? Provided they re-sign Lowe, Pedro, and Varitek, I have three words: Back. To. Back. :)

Which Red Sox player would you dress up as for Halloween? I think I'd make a convincing Manny...

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