Dirty Tricks are for (Republi)kids -- If you care to dig deeper into the open sewer that is the last two weeks of the Presidential election, allow me to point you in a few unsavory directions. Over at Salon, there's an article on Sproul & Assoc., the "consulting firm" bankrolled by the national GOP that's accused of holding "non-partisan" voter registration drives in the Las Vegas area and then tearing up the Democratic voters' forms and throwing them in the garbage. Nice. In other news, LATimes columnist Robert Scheer wrote yesterday that the CIA is withholding its internal 9/11 report, presumably until after the election, because it "names names" and will embarass the Bush administration. Thank you, Porter J. "Bitchboy" Goss (and check out the classic BBC tagline on that second photo!). And if all this makes you cynical about Election Day, indugle your spleen at OctoberSurprise.net, a site that prognosticates on just how far GWB & Co. will go "to swing or steal the vote." Oy.

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