Y'know that classic vaudeville moment when the comedian pauses after delivering a punchline and a beat later dozens of tomatoes and cabbages come sailing onto the stage? Well, that's me this morning -- ask and ye shall receive, my email inbox is truly flooded with lots of juicy content for this new venture...I'll get to that later on (I do still actually have a job, folks), but for now I'll post a little good news/bad news for your Wednesday delectation:

Shamelessly RedSoxian Good News: Last night, Sox third baseman Bill Mueller became the first major league player to hit two grand slams -- one from each side of the plate -- in one game, huzzah!

Not So Good News: the Transportation Security Administration is pulling the much-vaunted "air marshals" from overseas and international flights because...it costs too much to put them up in hotel rooms. don't worry, Money, some day maybe you'll get introduced to Mouth...someday.

and as a little antidote, here's Maureen Dowd on Wolfowitz & Co.'s DARPA escapade.

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