By now you may have heard all about yesterday's suprise birth on the T...a very sad story, I think. You can't blame the passengers for being totally stunned and unable to intervene, but the scuttlebutt around my office today is all "What's wrong with this woman?" and not in a nice, concern-for-her-mental-health kind of way. If she'd been a teenager, would that have garnered more sympathy? How will she, let alone her teenage kids, deal with the publicity, especially the fact that the Globe broadcasts where they live, at a Motel 6? Don't expect to feel any better after looking into whether she was elibigle for community mental heath services...sigh.

on a less depressing note, i have no idea why when one accesses this blog on a Mac all but three of the Links don't work...but i'm looking into it. those of you Mac users out there...uh...that's what Google is for, i guess. :P

and in happier news altogether, my weekend plans have changed...is anyone around on sunday afternoon to go see Theater in the Open at Maudslay State Park in Newburyport, one of the great hidden places of the Bay State? let me know...they're doing Moliere, and as Judd Nelson pointed out in The Breakfast Club, "Mo-lay really pumps my nads." ok, eww, gross. and on a shocking side note, that movie is EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD, friends...*shiver*

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