OK, here come some of the greatest hits of old (and not so old)...in no particular order...

A bulletin from the Land of the Obvious: George W. Bush is too stupid to be President.

Interview with Roger Ebert in The Progressive, including his elegant assessment of conservatives' motivation: "Shut up!"

The Flag-o-Rama Red White & Blegghhh page -- oh dear god, it's been updated.

Jim Hightower on why you should boycott Walmart-- as if we need more reasons.

Your tax dollars at work -- Barney the White House dog has a web page...and a web cam.

The incredibly compelling 34 Million Friends Campaign -- an effort by two women to raise the $34m the Bush Administration is witholding from the UN because of the usual medieval arguments against family planning...and for $1 or more, you can help.

Church and State, do I need to separate you two? -- read the textof the Massachusetts Catholic bishops' statement on why marriage is so cool only straight people should get to have some...and to urge their parishioners to call their representatives about it. Gee, those bishops sure do know a whole lot about marriage, not to mention sexuality and identity...what great catches they must have made when they were single...oh, wait. Then, to cool your blood, check out the latest over at Equal Marriage of Mass.

and of course, the World RPS Society-- i quote Bart Simpson, "Good old rock, nothing beats that."

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