"We’re talking about story-telling, the most basic human need. Food? That’s an animal need. Shelter? That’s a luxury item that leads to social grouping, which leads directly to fancy scarves." -- Joss Whedon is on strike and on a tear! On his personal blog, he waxes on about the WGA strike and why writing is hard and important, not just funtime for fops. Some of my favorite "content creators" (and yes, that is sarcasm) are on the picket lines this week, like the awesome Tina Fey and pretty much everyone at "The Office," which shut down today because Steve Carrell won't cross the picket line. He told NBC he had a case of "enlarged balls," tee hee. Check out some of the "hypenate" writer-actor-producer folk from "The Office" in this video they made from the front lines. Si! Se puede! Viva decent television!

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