"But this is PLANET EARTH where no such thing as IDEAL actually exists, and these particular self-checkout machines are so fundamentally broken that it takes the average person no less than 15 minutes to pay for an apple." -- The inimitable Dooce tells the local self-checkout lane to piss off, and nearly 5oo commenters to date agree! This one's for you, honey...

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N said...

I use the self-checkout whenever possible because I believe those wretched machines are the future of retail, so I might as well learn to use them now. There are only several major problems with the current design of these robots:

A> Requiring every scanned item to be placed on the scale is ridiculous, and never works properly. I think they're trying to prevent customers from skipping the scanner and simply moving their items from their cart to their bags. This is the worst shoplifting idea ever- why would you choose to do your stealing at the front of the store, 6 feet from a clerk and in full view of security cameras, the manager's office, et cetera? I hope they invent a better anti-shoplifting system soon and abandon the scale method!

B> The clerk assigned to oversee all the self-checkout stations can click the 'override' button whenever you hit a snag, but ONLY WHEN THEY'RE WATCHING YOU.

C>WHY oh WHY is the Boston Sunday Globe not in the computer?! WHY oh WHY is the barcode for a dozen eggs not in the computer?! Aieeeee!

PS: Your link is broken, but I managed to read the posting anyway. This is the correct link: