"If he's truly having fun, he's either the most thick-skinned 17-year-old in America or the one with the largest sense of self-delusion." -- Let's plumb the mystery of Sanjaya, shall we? The kid is turning into the Teflon Don of American Idol, voted back on (and above the bottom 3) every week despite his complete lack of chops, stage presence, or moves. Who are these teenyboppers swooning over him? The same kids who made High School Musical the #1 album last year, I guess. And I for one am starting to appreciate the guy's demented moxie -- he just keeps doing his dorky, camp talent night thing, despite the outrage of snobs everywhere. Actually, in the end I'd rather see him succeed than Haley, the Disneyfied divabot who also somehow sticks around every week. Whatever -- I'd buy a ticket to see Melinda and Lakisha on tour together tomorrow, but I'll keep watching Idol to see what happens to Fauxhawk Boy.

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Jdevine said...

Scroll down to Fallen Idol segment......


And then there is Jordan.