I had a very strange Socio-Roadside Sighting yesterday -- Driving home at about 3:15pm through our little residential suburb, when there are still some kids walking home from school, I saw two figures out of the corner of my eye waiting to cross the street. At first glance I registered, "Awww, a little teenage boyfriend and girlfriend, cute." I vaguely registered a young blond girl with a backpack, and a taller blond kid holding her hand, wearing silver aviators, a red corduroy jacket, long knitted scarf, track pants and sneakers. They were chatting contentedly, but as I drove closer they looked over at me as I stopped at the corner. Oops -- it was actually a girl of about 9 or 10 being walked home by her mother! Mom was sporting one of those shaggy, pointy hairdos and the aforementioned goofy threads...so much for adulthood, sartorial or otherwise.

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