"Now that the Democrats have taken Congress, Mr. Bush is acting as if he’d had the door to compromise open all along and the Democrats had refused to walk through it." -- So opined the NYTimes after the tepid State of the Union address, and the Democrats have now taken their "won't get fooled again" rhetoric to the next level. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed a nonbinding resolution against the troop "surge" yesterday, and if I could go back in time to 2003 and tell my fruitlessly-protesting self that it would only be four years until the Congressional record inked in words like these -- "This is not a time for legislative nuancing. This is not a time for trying to forge a compromise that everybody can be a part of. This is a time to stop the needless deaths of American troops in Iraq." - Russ Feingold -- well, I just wouldn't believe it. Better late than...oh, never mind.

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